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EMSEA Med is the Mediterranean regional group of the European Marine Science Educators Association. It was formed at the EMSEA Annual Conference in Crete in October 2015. The first mission of this group was to develop Mediterranean Sea Literacy (MSL). Based on the US Ocean Literacy framework, marine scientists and educators developed the “Mediterranean Sea Literacy” (MSL) guide adapted to the specificities of the Mediterranean region. It serves as guidance for research, education, informed decision-making, and improved citizens’ lifestyles, and aims to contribute to environmental protection, conservation, and restoration of the Mediterranean Sea as well as to help to achieve a blue innovative and sustainable economy.

In 2020, a publication entitled "Mediterranean Sea Literacy: When Ocean Literacy becomes region-specific" was published in the Mediterranean Marine Science journal. This publication was written by researchers and educators who are EMSEA Med members. It contains the Mediterranean Sea Literacy and can be found here:

The publication is now available in four different languages: Croatian, Italian, Greek, and English. Considering the diversity of languages in the Mediterranean region, we hope there will be more linguistic variations of the MSL. If you want to help us in the translation, feel free to contact our Med coordinator, Melita Mokos on 

English brochure

Croatian brochure

Italian brochure

Greek brochure

Spanish and Catalan versions are coming soon!!

EMSEA Med Group

EMSEA Med group’s work in the Mediterranean basin is focused on two main activities: research and education. Members are actively engaged in OL research in education as well as in the organization of different events and activities such as workshops, trainings and lectures for students, teachers and general public. 

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