Current Projects

A European Blue School recognizes the importance of the ocean in its education activities by taking up the Find the Blue challenge. By bringing real-life marine and maritime contexts to the classroom, students are encouraged to become responsible and engaged ocean literate citizens.
BRIDGE-BS (Advancing Black Sea Research and Innovation to co-Develop Blue Growth within Resilient Ecosystems) is a 54-month project funded under Horizon2020 Programme and led by the Middle East Technical University Institute of Marine Sciences (METU IMS) (Turkey).
OLWA advances Ocean Literacy through international partnerships and networks by designing and implementing transformative locally and globally relevant research-based activities and projects by and for diverse stakeholders This programme builds capacity and behaviour change to achieve an ocean…
Let's meet the Med - Mediterranean Sea Literacy is a project developed by EMSEA Med group members. It was a part of the MIO-ECSDE (Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development) call for actions as a part of the celebration of the Mediterranean Action…
EMSEA is lecturing at the new specialization track on “Ocean Literacy, Education and Communication" as part of the course 'Boosting careers for a blue future' for the International Master in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea)
The project “Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport” will focus on the development of tools for federations and local sports actors to educate youth in eco-responsible actions and develop environmental awareness from an early age through sport.
WE are Blue Schools is an Erasmus + project aimed to set up blue schools in Mallorca and bring environmental awareness and sustainability skills to young people in schools in Mallorca.
An engagement between European education networks and initiatives to support transformative changes for ocean sustainability.
Fins into the Water is an Erasmus+ project run by a wide range of partners having expertise in various fields. The project aims to define Mediterranean Sea Literacy by building on the 7 principles of Ocean Literacy and engaging all the stakeholders and visitors of the Mediterranean region.