How to join

Becoming a member is easy. If you are an ocean educator, scientist, guardian or an organisation interested in safeguarding the future health of the ocean, then EMSEA Membership is for you. 


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As well as supporting the advancement of Ocean Literacy in Europe, your membership entitles you to some great benefits. You can find the full list of EMSEA membership benefits here.

Once your application is complete, make sure to log in to our new private EMSEA Reef to complete your Member profile and start enjoying your membership benefits immediately! And download the My Glue App* to stay connected no matter where you are.  

*Glue Up is EMSEA’s new technology partner. 

Individual Membership

This membership is for individuals only

If you are an ocean educator, scientist, or generally a person who is interested in the future health of the ocean, individual EMSEA membership is for you.

The cost of individual membership is EUR 40 per year for a fixed 12 months term from the day of payment. 

EUR 40 / 12 months
EMSEA Black Sea

This membership is for individuals only

EMSEA establishes an Ocean Literacy Network for the first time in the Black Sea Basin, under the framework of BRIDGE-BS ( This Network will bring together marine scientists, educators, ocean professionals, and anyone who is enthusiastic and curious about the Black Sea. It will be built to develop ownership and stewardship for the protection of the Black Sea. Bridge-BS supports all new EMSEA members from the Black Sea region for the duration of the project and beyond. More info

Student Membership

This membership is for individuals only

EMSEA supports students to join the Association for FREE. Whether you are studying towards a degree in marine sciences or any other technological, social, arts science, if you are interested in ocean literacy, we welcome you to join this community of like-minded individuals and organisations who can help you on your journey making a positive difference towards an ocean literate society. We hope EMSEA membership will inspire and enable you to take positive action in your field/region, and look forward to supporting you in any way we can.


Raise the profile of your organisation while showing your support and commitment to ocean literacy with institutional EMSEA membership. 

The cost of institutional membership is EUR 150 per year and includes up to 5 members.

Membership is fixed for 12 months from the day of payment.

EUR 150 / 12 months