Mediterranean Sea Literacy in Arabic!

Thanks to the Fins into the Water project and the translators Laura Khatib and Samer Lakiss from Guardians of the Blue, now you can read about the Mediterranean Sea Literacy (الثقافة الخاصة بالبحر الأبيض المتوسط ) principles in Arabic.

The Fins into the Water project aims at spreading the knowledge about the Mediterranean, why is it unique, what challenges it faces, and how different water sport stakeholders, (but not only!) can be part of the solution.

We believe that providing up-to-date, appropriate, and easily understandable knowledge is fundamental. That is why, we have translated the comprehensive booklet about Mediterranean Sea Literacy principles to all the Med languages.


What is more, we are preparing different materials such as explaining videos, infographics, resource maps, and databases for you to learn more about the precious Med! In the Newsletter, now you can check out the first video explaining one of the principles!

We hope it will create a much easier and more inclusive information access in the region where many people will benefit from the knowledge. Have you read about the principles in your language?


You can download the Mediterranean Sea Literacy in various languages here.